Mind Body and Soul
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MBS International School,

a living school of excellence,

a living school of excellence,

a living school of excellence,

a living school of excellence,


MBS International School, a living school of excellence, provides a natural, holistic, student centric environment that empowers and inspires the mind, body and soul of all our students. With state of the art facilities, air conditioned classrooms, MBS offers a comprehensive curriculum where every child, from pre-primary to class Xll, can develop self-esteem, self-confidence and achieve their full individual potential.

Throughout the academic years at MBS, the highly trained faculty focus on teaching all the core subjects using the latest teaching techniques developed around the world. With these techniques, the students get a real deep understanding of the subject, thereby reducing stress throughout the year and at examination time. This deep understanding of the curriculum being taught results in high grades for all MBSians.

Our young MBSians are taught using play way theme based activities. Math, Science, Geography, Social Science, English and other topics are supplemented with the teaching of values of Respect, Obedience, Politeness, Responsibility, Humility, Good Manners, Friendliness and Honesty.

Through theatre and many personality development based activities and programs, our students develop many skills including confidence, communication skills, time and anger management, team work, social skills, etiquettes and motivation. These skills, along with the exceptional academic standards achieved by MBSians, give a distinct advantage over other students in higher studies and whatever career the student follows.

The ‘best in industry’ practices employed at MBS, focus not only on academic standards, but also on detecting early signs of any conditions that students may have, including dyslexia and ADHD, thus enabling appropriate help for the student concerned.

The school has embraced technology to help optimize the teaching, administrative and communication process. Every parent has access to all pertinent data about their ward via the MBS website and also via the Parents Mobile App. This allows the parents to communicate with the school 24x7, to receive and verify all types of data and follow the progress of their ward through each semester.

The utmost safety, security and well being of your child are our primary concern. The safety of the school premises......MORE


With its development centres based in the city of Gurgaon, Haryana (20 minutes drive from the Delhi International Airport), HT&E has excellent communication links and hence provides a unique service to its customers and partner.



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